A multi-axis biodynamic measuring handle for a human hand-arm system

Luka Knez, Janko Slavič, Miha Boltezar


The biodynamic response method is increasingly being used to study the human hand-arm system and vibration-induced injuries that affect the hand. Most measurements are made in the dominant forearm direction of excitation, but recently research has turned to multi-axis measurements as well as excitation. This study looks at a new instrument handle that measures the biodynamic responses at the palm and the fingers concurrently and in multiple directions. Besides the biodynamic response, the sensors inside the handle are able to measure the push and grip forces simultaneously and therefore remove the need for an additional force plate or force sensor at the handle base. The apparent mass of the handle was measured in order to determine the usable frequency range of the system. Additionally, the apparent mass distribution along the hand was investigated and it was found that the apparent mass distribution along the hand varies with frequency.


vibrations; structural dynamics;Biodynamic response

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5545/sv-jme.2012.709


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